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Gator's bitches better be using jimmies!

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Holy shit, this movie has me in tears alll the way through. I was suprised at the lack of gross-out humour mainly because of Ferrell, but it worked soooo well. Walhberg was amazing and Mark Keaton was hilarious! There is absolutely nothing I can fault about this movie!!!! Lion and the Tuna was the funniest thing I've heard in ages, the delivery was perfection. Will Ferrell can do no wrong

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"OK, first off: a lion, swimming in the ocean. Lions don't like water. If you placed it near a river or some sort of fresh water source, that make sense. But you find yourself in the ocean, 20 foot wave, I'm assuming off the coast of South Africa, coming up against a full grown 800 pound tuna with his 20 or 30 friends, you lose that battle, you lose that battle 9 times out of 10. And guess what, you've wandered into our school of tuna and we now have a taste of lion. We've talked to ourselves. We've communicated and said 'You know what, lion tastes good, let's go get some more lion'. We've developed a system to establish a beach-head and aggressively hunt you and your family and we will corner your pride, your children, your offspring."

"How you gonna do that?"

"We will construct a series of breathing apparatus with kelp. We will be able to trap certain amounts of oxygen. It's not gonna be days at a time. An hour? Hour forty-five? No problem. That will give us enough time to figure out where you live, go back to the sea, get some more oxygen, and stalk you. You just lost at your own game. You're outgunned and out-manned."

What do you weigh?

tina dance
LMAO this was so cutesy, fun and hilarious! Ruper Grint - fine as hell as per usual, Bill Nighy - can never do wrong, Emily Blunt - so adorable and sassy.
A few plot points were left hanging at the end which bothere me a teensy bit, but all in all I really love this movie. Soundtrack was a bit slapstick at times, but meh

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"Sorry, i'm gonna give it to him, he's got a tie on! Plus... I didn't shoot him, so he's not as pissed off with me..."

Tribute to a special BB!

tina dance